Pink Power Tools For Women's Mission Statement

"The Pink Power brand is more than just a color.  Our brand represents the belief that women can always do more and deserve quality hand tools to better represent them.  Until recent years, the Power Tool market has been solely directed toward men.  Our goal is to ensure that our tools are of the highest quality to provide lasting durability and reliability for women who want a tool ... and a company that empowers them."

Think Outside The 'Tool' Box!

So you've decided to build your tool chest and you started to store your tools in a shoebox in the closet or in the garage.  Your next project is outside and requires several tools and you're not sure what size screws, screwdrivers, or wrenches are needed.  You end up carrying several tools, by hand, and still end up going back and forth for the right tool.  It's time to save steps, work smart, and  invest in the Pink Power 16" Tool Bag.