The Pink Power Screwdriver Set

Powerful Women Want Powerful Tools!

Many projects don't require an experienced handyman, just the right tools.  Let's start with a screwdriver set designed for women.  Pink Power can fill that need with a reliable six-piece magnetic pink screwdriver set.

Pink Power Screwdrivers get the job done!

Has your child come crying to you because their toy broke?  Upon inspection, you notice that it's just missing a tiny screw. Whether you find the screw or get a replacement, you realize that the screw fits into a tight space and can easily fall or drop out of place while trying to screw it in with an ordinary screwdriver.  With the magnetic tip screwdriver, you have it fixed in a jiffy, and your child's tears turn into a smile. Register to take advantage of Pink Power's Warranty.


With the increased time at home during this pandemic, you also start to notice the little things around the home more ... "I should think about replacing the electrical outlet and switch covers with a little more color"; "Maybe now's the time to decorate that old dresser with new handles?"; "Do those kitchen cabinets need a new look?  Maybe I should replace the handles/knobs with something more decorative and up-to-date?" 

Pink Power Tools

There are a number of easy fixes with a screwdriver.  Having an easy-to-use set on hand is the key to many of them.  I'm sure there are also a number of projects you have wanted to build.  Some of you are experienced with hand/power tools and some of you may want to build your confidence before attempting them.  Let us guide you and show you along the way. Learn more about Pink Power's Mission Statement.


All these DIY projects require a little imagination and the right tools. Don't borrow from your friends or neighbors, have your own set of power handy to fix any problems on their own! Start with Pink Power Six Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set (includes three Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers in 3 different sizes). It's perfect for beginners because it comes equipped with soft grip handles that will help you complete jobs quicker by eliminating stress while handling screws safely without worrying about damaging anything around them- plus there are magnetic tips that make fixing things easier than ever before. And thanks to our anti-corrosion chrome vanadium steel shafts this pink screwdriver set is here to stay!



Featuring our Pink Screwdriver Set!


Our Pink Power six-piece magnetic screwdriver set makes a great gift! Only $16.99, this is perfect for any handywoman in the family - or anyone who needs some help remembering whose turn it is to be fixing things around their house.