Pink Power Tools For Women's Mission Statement

It delivers a message that expresses the desires of the founders and leadership of the company and sets the direction and mission through every facet of the business.
Pink Power developed its Mission Statement as it launched its brand to empower women in the male dominated hand tool/power tool market.  This market had traditionally ignored the many DIY handywomen, skilled craftswomen, and the style that women wanted to convey in their work, whether it was Ms. Fix-It, for use in their vocation, or addressing their hobbies.
Pink Power wanted to be at the forefront in its approach to marketing power and hand tools to women.  Pink Power wanted to empower women and have them feel comfortable asking questions in their search for appropriate tools.  It wants to encourage and engage women to ask for the tools they need and desire, and to suggest enhancements to make our tools and service even better.
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"The Pink Power brand is more than just a color.  Our brand represents the belief that women can always do more and deserve quality hand tools to better represent them.  Until recent years, the Power Tool market has been solely directed toward men.  Our goal is to ensure that our tools are of the highest quality to provide lasting durability and reliability for women who want a tool ... and a company that empowers them."
I want to mention another important element of our mission, though it's not stated directly in our Mission Statement, it is demonstrated in our actions ... "We care about our community".  That is especially relevant during these difficult times with the Covid-19 pandemic.  Pink Power is donating a mask for every order placed in June 2020.
"Its times like this that we all need to work together and support each other".
Pink Power Donates Masks