The PP182 Cordless Drill: The Best of the Bunch!

It's time to upgrade and add the PP182 cordless drill to your tool chest.  


But what do you look for? Where do you start? Well, you should start with a better question: "What do I want from my drill?'


Like most, you'd want a powerful drill with good battery life. The drill should also be cordless and lightweight so it's easier to navigate. And finally, it must fit your style. The Pink Power 18 volt Cordless Drill ticks all those boxes and more!

Pink Power combined a high power motor (0-550 rpm with 16 high-to-low torque settings) with NiCad or Nickel Cadmium batteries to give you all the power you need to take on that DIY without worrying about the battery, despite being cordless. Each pink drill comes with 2 batteries so you can charge one while using the other!  The PP182 also weighs just under 3.5 lbs with the battery; lighter than most drills with its calibre! The lightweight design helps relieve fatigue and with Pink Power's chic style and color, you're ready to tackle virtually any task. It also has a keyless chuck, which means you can change your bits without any other tools, and variable, 2 speed, settings.  


And that's not all. Because when we said more, we meant more:

•  How about an LED light that automatically turns on when the trigger is held ... great when using it in dimly lit spaces/places.

•  Working in a confined space and not sure what bit size to use or if you need multiple size/types of screws?  No need to carry them in your pocket or hand and risk losing them ... that's where the magnetic base comes in handy.  Use it to hold the screws or bits.

•  Add a 3 year warranty that Pink Power provides with your purchase and you have a great value.


There's no reason not to move forward and add the Pink Power PP182 18-Volt NiCad Cordless Drill Kit to your tool chest. Whether it's framing and adding drywall to your playroom, hanging pictures or light fixtures in the living room, or fixing cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, the PP182 Cordless Drill is the drill for you!


It makes a great gift for that independent woman who stands above the crowd and takes the initiative to fix and solve many problems on her own.