Think Outside The 'Tool' Box!

So you've decided to build your tool chest and you started to store your tools in a shoebox in the closet or in the garage.  Your next project is outside and requires several tools and you're not sure what size screws, screwdrivers, or wrenches are needed.  You end up carrying several tools, by hand, and still end up going back and forth for the right tool.  It's time to save steps, work smart, and  invest in the Pink Power 16" Tool Bag.
The Pink Power 16" Tool Bag is great for all your small hand and power tools.  It's easy to organize your tools, it's sturdy and designed to carry the tools you need, and provides a great look.  The padded shoulder strap frees up your hands to carry needed supplies to the job site along with your tools. Learn about the Pink Power Mission Statement.
If you're like many of us, you find yourself in need of tools away from home and wish you had an extra set of tools handy wherever you go.  I carry an extra set of basic tools in my car so that if I need them away from home, I don't need to make that "extra trip".  I can fix things on the spot, wherever I am.  The Pink Power 16" Tool Bag makes it easy to have that "extra set" handy whenever I'm on the road.  One at home ... one in the car.
Here's another little secret:  "The Pink Power 16" Tool Bag isn't just for tools!"  It's versatile and with 12 interior pockets, 10 exterior pockets, sturdy construction, and easy access wide-mouth design, it's perfect for more than just tools. Check out all our Pink Power Tools for Women!
Several artist friends use the Tool Bag for their art supplies (paints, brushes, etc.) when traveling away from their studios.  Several other friends attend art & craft shows throughout the country as vendors and the Tool Bag provides not only a convenient way to carry needed supplies, but they carry an extra set of actual tools to help set up their booths, display cases, and product cases.
It's time to think "outside the 'tool' box".  The Pink Power 16" Tool Bag has so many potential uses.  Are you a gardener? ... fill it with your gardening tools.  Cosmetics?  Salon supplies?  You can think of dozens more uses for your Pink Power Tool Bag.
One Pink Power Tool Bag may not be enough.  See how versatile it is for yourself ... Remember to  "think outside the 'tool' box"!