Here's How to Donate to Help Ukraine and Avoid Scams

The situation in Ukraine is dire and heart-breaking, and the people need our help. Unfortunately, with any tragedy or humanitarian crisis comes an influx of scammers looking to take advantage of well-meaning people. That's why we're here to help you navigate the legitimate charities that are working to provide aid to Ukraine's citizens. Here's where to donate to help Ukraine:

  1. The Red Cross (Ukraine)
    The Red Cross in Ukraine says it's on standby in case things get worse, and would provide first aid for those who can't access medical services. Donate to the Red Cross here.

  2. Razom
    Razom means "together" in Ukrainian and is a non-profit on the ground providing relief for soldiers and doctors on the frontlines. We at Pink Power have donated to Razom as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and we want to challenge you to match our donation here.

  3. Sunflowers of Peace
    Sunflower for Peace is a group that offers medical assistance to Ukrainian people displaced by war. In February, they started asking for donations in order to prepare backpacks with first aid essentials such as band-aids or painkillers for frontliners and doctors to be able to respond to any immediate cases.

    You can donate via Facebook

  4. Choose Love
    Choose Love has the vision to end all forms of discrimination and provide assistance for those in need by offering emergency medical care as well as food, shelter, clothing, and legal support to the community with mental health programs among other things!

    Donate through Choose Love here.

  5. Voices of Children
    Children who live in war-torn Ukraine often experience psychological and psychosocial support needs that cannot be met by their own country's government, which is why the nonprofit organization Voice of Children steps in with its services.

    Help out through their website.

  6. The Kyiv Independent
    The Kyiv Independent is a media outlet in Ukraine that was created by journalists who were fired from the Kyiv Post for defending editorial independence. They currently cover this invasion and rely on donors to run their publication, which strives to serve its readers as well as the community.

    You can support the newspaper via their GoFundMe or Patreon.

If you can't give money, that's okay! #StandWithUkraine and take action and use your voice by reading news from reliable sources. Share it far and wide with friends on social media; speak out against Scanian aggression when people ask why they should care about Ukraine. Media outlets are being suppressed – even most Russians who opposed the occupation feel unable to discuss this issue openly because of harsh possible repercussions. Use your voice, use your platform, and #StandWithUkraine


Ukraine is a beautiful country with a rich culture and innocent people caught in between and it deserves our support. Thank you for considering making a donation to help Ukraine in its time of need.