New from Pink Power: 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Power Tools

Introducing the newest line of Pink Power tools: 20-volt Cordless Drill, Sander, and Vacuum. This powerful tool line has one 20-volt Lithium-ion battery that's compatible with all three tools, making it easy for you to get the job done. Whether you're drilling holes in a new deck or sanding down a piece of furniture, these tools are perfect for any DIY project. 

PP203 20-volt Lithium-Ion Drill Kit

The 20V Lithium-Ion Drill is a powerful tool for any trade or home project. It includes two-speed settings to give you more control of its output power (0-350 RPMs & 0 -1, 350 RPMS) as well as 19 different torque settings that give you up to 225 lbs. of force when in use!

This cordless drill is perfect for those times you need more power than the PP182 can offer, especially with its more lightweight and compact design! It's got some great features that make installation or replacement quick as pie: magnetic bit holders so changing bits never put up any resistance whatsoever; rubber grip on handle which allows one-handed use while providing stability during intense work sessions.

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PP204 20-volt Cordless Detail Sander

The 20-volt Cordless Detail Sander is perfect for finishing cabinets and doors as well as crafts projects. It offers precision with its pointed tip design, making it easy to access tight spaces and corners. Unlike an Orbital Sander, a Detail Sander can fit into small spaces and corners. Great for finishing cabinets and doors. A Detail Sander gives you more control and can be used to refinish furniture or to put the final touches on crafting projects. 

You can purchase the sander as a kit or on its own. The sander comes with 3 sandpapers with different grits: P60, P80, and P120, and if bought as a kit, it also comes with a 20 Volt 1.5A.h Lithium-Ion Battery and a 1-Hour Fast Charger.

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PP201 20-Volt Cordless Vacuum

The PP201 20-VOLT Lithium-ion CORDLESS Vacuum is the perfect choice for those hard-to-reach places in your home. With its different extensions, this lightweight vacuum can easily get into any corner or niche you need to be cleaned up after a project! And not only does it have powerful suction; thanks also features convenient LED lights that make darker areas easier on sight - making cleaning even more efficient than ever before.

The 20-volt lithium-ion battery of this vacuum allows for smooth running without having to worry about tangled cords or outlets. With fast charging technology, you can take full advantage and use all your tools with ease! The battery is also compatible with the entire range of 20v Pink Power tools.

The new Pink Power 20-volt Cordless Drill, Sander, and Vacuum are the perfect tools for any DIY project. With one powerful battery that's compatible with all three tools, you'll be able to get the job done quickly and easily. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these tools are sure to help make your next project a breeze. Get yours today!