10 Toolbox Essentials (Women's edition)

Whether you’re looking into starting DIY projects, home repairs, or heavy carpentry, you’re going to need tools. Unfortunately, for the longest time, the tool market has been largely dominated and marketed to men. As such, the needs of women for tools have been largely overlooked in most top-of-mind brands.

We’ve put together a little cheat sheet for the most essential tools you need and which brands and models we recommend for women.



Before you start to collect your tools, you would need a container to keep them in one place and easily portable. 

What you need to know and look for:

Depending on your available space, you can choose either a toolbox or a toolbag that’s 16”-20” big.   

What we recommend:

The Pink Power 16” pink tool bag features a wide mouth design making it easy to organize and carry all of your tools. This bag also has 10 outside pockets and 12 interior pockets to help you keep your tools easy to reach and organized.


Hammers are of course useful for driving nails into the wall or assembling pieces of furniture, and it may be dangerous to mimic their purpose with anything else. Using a hammer is straightforward and shouldn’t be too difficult even for a beginner. So long as you keep a firm enough grip, it should get the job done without any problem.


What you need to know and look for:

Avoid hammers with plastic handles as those are just injuries waiting to happen. You’ll also want to buy one with a curved claw for smoother nail removal. For regular household use, we recommend a 16-ounce head weight

What we recommend: 

The STALWART 16 oz. Claw Hammer with 13 in. Fiberglass Handle -- this hammer is heavy enough to drive in the nails but light enough to be easy to use.



Once you get yourself a drill, you might be surprised how often you will actually need it. From using it to hang pictures up on the wall to making larger carpentry-related DIYs, owning a drill will not only save you time when boring holes, but also when driving screws. 

What you need to know and look for:

Look for a lighter drill that comes with a sharp durable set of drill and screw bits. You won’t notice the weight at first, but once you start working on a project, you’ll understand what we mean. 

What we recommend:

The Pink Power 12 Volt Cordless Drill and Driver Kit was specially crafted to have more power and precision in a compact size. Weighing in at just over two pounds, you can use it for longer periods of time without wearing yourself out.


Measuring tools

From measuring out the available space for your new sofa to making sure the distance between the frames in your gallery wall is right, a measuring tape is essential for everyday crafts and projects around the house. A good measuring tape saves you the frustration of eyeballing those measurements. 

What you need to know and look for:

Get a measuring tape that can measure at least 25 feet. Also, look for a measuring tape that locks.

What we recommend:

The Craftsman Sidewinder tape measure is slip-resistant and has a lay-flat design for stability when measuring.

Assorted Fastener Kit

As a beginner, the usual use for your tools will probably be hanging picture frames, mirrors, shelves, and other decors around your home. Assorted fasteners like hooks and other hardware such as extra screws and nails will probably be the ones you’ll find yourself reaching out for the most. You might even be surprised by how much convenience this will provide.

What you need to know and look for:

Some stores don’t carry a kit, so you might have to build one yourself. When choosing your fasteners, make sure they are compatible in size with the rest of your basic tools. 

What we recommend:

This Hillman 470-Piece Steel Plain Steel Combo Fastener Kit will have you well-stocked for whatever projects come your way for quite a while.


Screwdrivers are definitely another tool that’s used in most projects for years to come. The usual household projects won’t require heavy-duty screwdrivers.

What you need to know and look for:

At the very least, you need one flathead and one Phillips head screwdriver, but having a set gives you more options and flexibility for your projects. Screwing or unscrewing things can get uncomfortable after a while so be sure to look for screwdrivers with high-quality soft rubber handles.

What we recommend:

The Pink Power six-piece magnetic screwdriver set is a perfect complement to your tool kit. The set includes 3 Phillips and 3 Flatheads in three different sizes each made with vanadium enriched steel.

Allen wrenches

Also known as Hex keys, these are useful for those screws with a hexagonal head. These keys are usually needed to assemble most of today’s furniture, especially if they’re from IKEA!

What you need to know and look for:

While most of these furniture sets come with their own single Allen wrench, a set of these kept together, usually with a ring, can save you the trouble of a lost one.

What we recommend:

The Husky Folding Hex Key conveniently houses 9 keys in a lightweight Swiss knife-like body for convenience and compact storage.



There’s nothing as frustrating as making such a beautiful piece then finding out AFTER that it’s wonky. This nifty tool saves you your time and your sanity. 

What you need to know and look for:

Decide what type of projects will need a level. Length is particularly important, a long level gives a better measurement. Most levels can also be used as a ruler or straight edge. There are a lot of different levels, so for more complicated or specific projects, ask your local hardware what they would recommend.

What we recommend:

The Torpedo 3 Bubble Level has 3 Acrylic vials and a magnetic strip that helps the tool hold firmly on metal surfaces.

Adjustable Wrench

Especially useful if you’re planning to do some plumbing. Even the most simple job would need an adjustable wrench

What you need to know and look for:

Try to get an adjustable wrench that’s big enough to fit a wide array of bolt sizes. 

What we recommend:

The CRAFTSMAN adjustable wrench set includes a 10-inch and 12-inch adjustable wrench, made with steel that is strong enough for when you need some torque, but light and balanced for when you need precision



Most beginners might not know how to use them in the beginning but soon come to find that pliers are one of the most versatile tools.  Be it for bending or cutting wire, or gripping and bending just about anything, pliers are essential tools that can help you accomplish your project in a jiff! 

What you need to know and look for:

For most around-the-home jobs, keep it simple. A set of 3 different size pliers will go a long way. Unless you’re planning on tackling a project that requires a specific type of plier, there’s no need to splurge on a more complex set.

What we recommend:

This simple set of three pliers from Stanley has the necessities: slip-joint pliers, diagonal-cutting pliers, and needle-nose pliers.


Things to consider when buying tools

Before buying any of these tools, it’s important to consider your comfort, first and foremost. Yes, being a woman doesn't mean you can only use pink tools, but these were designed for comfort in mind, like being less heavy than most tools within the same range. 

Second, consider how often you will be using these tools. While we can recommend which tools to buy first, it is not an answer that's applicable for all. This will also largely affect the variety of toolsets you will need.

Third, consider your experience level in handling tools. If you are truly a beginner, we recommend just starting with the basic tools and lighter power tools like the Pink Power 12 Volt Cordless Drill and Driver Kit.

Whichever tools you purchase first, the most important thing is to go for the quality. When not used correctly, tools can be dangerous, especially those that have not been built well. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab this list and start building your tool collection today!