Power Tool Safety Tips

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The need for safety

Even for beginners, power tools make a lot of things easier for us. From hanging up a picture frame to creating a bed frame, the use of power tools is far and wide. They have become such a common part of our lives that we tend to forget the reason why these are called “power” tools and overlook the potential accidents and injuries they can bring. 

Interestingly enough, accidents with power tools are higher with those with the skills to use them than those without. As such, revisiting the basics of power tool safety can actually be helpful to those with a lot of experience as it is for beginners. So we've created a list of power tool safety tips to help!


What are the hazards of using power tools?

Power tools allow the user to have extreme mobility, which can be a good thing. However, due to this same reason, power tools can easily come in contact with the operator’s body and cause severe bodily harm, especially when using heavier tools such as power saws and most power drills.

Aside from this, dropping due to their weight or plain rough handling can also cause tools to misfire. There is also the danger of repetitive strain injury caused by overexposure to repetitive vibration/motion which comes with most power tools.

Finally, there are inherent hazards that may be caused by the power source, especially with corded tools.

There are a lot of risks associated with the use of power tools, but don’t let this faze you! Keep reading below to learn the key precautions and tips for handling power tools.


Basic guidelines for tools safety

Keep floors dry and clean.

With the weight of most portable power tools, it can be very easy to lose your balance, so make sure your space is dry and free from tripping hazards.


Take care of your cords.

Make sure your cords are labeled and organized and NEVER unplug or carry a tool by its cord. This is a quick and easy way to get electrocuted.


Handle your tools carefully and properly.

Like our parents have always told us about our toy weapons so it is also with power tools, don’t point them at a person or animal. When shifting position, turn off the tool and make sure your finger is off the trigger. Be sure to store them properly in a dry space after use.


Power Tool Safety Tips | Pink Power - Blog


Unplug your tools

Never forget to unplug your tools when not in use, especially when cleaning, realigning, or when changing blades or bits to avoid accidental starting.


Wear gloves and other safety equipment.

When using the tools, don your gloves and safety goggles to avoid getting hit by shrapnel and getting splinters. Invest in a thick, sturdy pair of work gloves and not just any other gloves, this may not be as fashionable and instagrammable, but trust us on this. A good pair could be the difference between 10 fingers and 9.


Dress properly for the job.

Avoid wearing loose clothing and jewelry as much as possible. Tie your hair back and make sure nothing gets into your face or eyes.


Clear the area.

Now, we don't mean just the stuff in the area. To ensure the safety of everyone, those, human or animal, not directly involved in the process of operating power tools vacate the area.  


How should you check if a power tool is safe to use?

Before starting any work, take the time to look at the condition of your tools. With your tools unplugged and with gloves on, check the cords for any break in the cover and patch them up with electrical or duct tape. For tools with batteries, take out the batteries and look out for any bloated or leaking batteries. Tape the terminals of the battery and store them in a plastic bag, if needed, and toss these in the bin. 

Check the actual unit as well for any cracks on the body which may mean that the tool is no longer safe to use.

After your inspection, remove all damaged, not easily repairable, electric tools from use and tag them: “Do Not Use.”

You can also opt to use tools that have been optimized for safety. Tools that are lighter while being as powerful as you need such Pink Power tools. Our drills and electric screwdrivers are some of the lightest power tools  you can find in the market today, as these were designed specifically for women.


Taking time to do all these precautions may not be the most fun use of your time, but it can save you a trip to the emergency room and give you a hassle-free build time.