DIY of the Week: Let’s Build Pallet Coffee Table

DIY of the Week  

Let’s Build: Pallet Coffee Table 

This week’s DIY is an upcycle project inspired by Homedit! So if you have any wooden pallets laying around, this DIY is for you! Whether you need it in your house or looking to flip these to sell, you can make this project look more expensive than it costs to make.



While most pallets are being recycled, around 40% more of used wooden pallets just end up sitting around to rot or end up in a landfill. Upcycling your pallets is not just a way to get some rustic-looking furniture for cheap, but it’s also a great way to help out our environment! Let’s build a pallet coffee table!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Clean and modify your pallet

Wipe down your pallet with a rag and wood furniture cleaner or just plain old soap water. Your pallets most likely came from a shipping warehouse, so this step is very important! Check the wood for any chipping or splinters and sand those off. Depending on the size of your available space, saw the pallet down to size or you can leave it as-is if your pallet is already the perfect size.


Remove and replace slats

The next step is to remove and replace slats as needed. This would depend on the type of pallet you have. Some pallets have panels that are further spaced or closer together. If your pallet’s slats are further apart, it’s best to have another for scrap slats or if you’re working with a smaller coffee table, you could take pieces off that and place them into the open slats as above. Use a crowbar or the claw of your hammer to take out the slats and remove excess nails as needed. Proceed with this step with caution as most wood used for pallet slats have already been reused and could break off easily especially if the wood is super dry. 


Reinforce the table

Using 2 extra slats or 2 pieces of newer wood, if preferred, reinforce the bottom of the pallet, end to end, making sure to have enough space to put on the hairpin legs. 



Attach the legs

On the underside of the table, place your hairpin legs and mark out where the holes should go. Whipping out your handy dandy PP121LI Cordless Drill, pre-drill the holes, and using the screw bit, attach the hairpin legs to each corner at the bottom of the pallet. 



This drill is perfect for these types of DIYs since it is heavy enough to quickly and effectively get the job done while being light enough to not injure more delicate materials like the wood in most pallets. It also does the job of two tools in one, a power drill and an electric screwdriver with both types of bits included in the set! Plus, it comes in an adorable pink toolbox. 


Coat the table with a varnish

For the last step, apply a clear finish to the table with a layer or two of varnish. As a pro-tip, brush the varnish across in only one direction, taking care to apply it evenly and allowing the first layer to dry before adding another. 



Once the varnish is dry your new rustic coffee table is ready to come inside its new home. Add a runner, maybe a few books, and a centerpiece for a more homely charm. The best thing about a clear wood table is that it goes with almost every style you prefer!