Pink Power PPD Metal & Cardboard Blade for HG2043 Scissors



The PPD Pink Power blade is a replacement blade for the HG2043 Cordless Fabric Scissors and should be used for cutting thicker materials such as cardboard, heavy plastic, aluminum or multiple layers of fabric. To cut thinner materials look for the PPO style replacement blade which is better suited for cutting through paper and lighter fabrics.

  • Replacement Blade for Pink Power HG2043 3.6V Lithium Ion Cordless Fabric Scissors.
  • The PPD style blade is best suited to cut thicker materials such as cardboard, heavy plastics and aluminum.
  • For use with the Pink Power HG2043 model.
  • Great blade for cutting fabric or plastic, opening cardboard boxes or cutting through tape.
  • Ideal for cardboard crafts, work with aluminum and heavy plastics. Also great for cutting through multiple layers of fabric, cloth and paper.