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The HG2043 electric scissors and blade bundle is perfect for all of your crafting needs. It's lightweight, has an ergonomic handle that provides maximum control during use, and includes 2 PPO and 2 PPD blades in one package! Do more and save more.

The HG2043 cordless electric scissors are the perfect tool for crafters of all levels. This lightweight, compact and ergonomic tool makes it easy to cut through fabric with ease without having to worry about arm fatigue! They're also tough enough that you can use them on leather or metal without worrying about damaging your project - they'll never let anything stand between these blades and their mission: To make cutting as effortless as possible. Perfectly suited towards making those intricate cuts in seconds rather than minutes (and who doesn't like saving time?).

LENGTH  9 inches
WEIGHT  Under 1lb
RUN TIME  1 - 2 hours of cutting time
BLADES  Each pair of crafting scissors comes with two blades
SAFETY  Built-in safety that prevents accidental usage
USES  Easily cuts: fabric, leather, paper, and cardboard 
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